Common Sense Leadership

I will lead a common sense government that works for the people of St.Albert with transparency and due diligence.

Keep The City Accountable

I will continue to work on instilling a culture of accountability at the city

Reduce Tax

I will tirelessly work to reduce our tax burden.

Improved Services

I will endeavor to improve our services by allocating resources to where they are needed most.

Economic Growth

I will encourage economic development.

Green and Conservative

I will protect our green space from over development and support
reasonable green initiatives.


  • Cam has always been there for all the right reasons and had the taxpayer’s best interests at heart. Good luck, Cam!

    John Holden
    Resident Of St Albert
  • Cam is a decent unassuming individual who has proven himself while on city council.
    Not like other Mayoral candidates who are in it for themselves!

    Robert Murray
    Resident Of St Albert
  • I have known Cam since we were kids in Jr High and there is no questioning his compassion and dedication to this community. He is definitely the right choice for mayor!

    Matt Sinclair
    Resident Of St Albert
  • Cam I can’t thank you enough for being kind and caring person you are, and St. Albert would be lucky to have you for a Mayor. All the best!

    Dan Cooper
    Resident Of St Albert
  • When the Erin Ridge traffic committee had it’s open house and we were talking with all the residents in the neighborhood and getting opinions, Cam came over, talked about the issues, thanked me for working on the committee, and offered support, he showed genuine interest in the neighborhood traffic issues!

    Frank Vagi
    Resident Of St Albert
  • Cam helped me with getting a tree replaced on my City-owned Boulevard, when nobody else on City Council would help.

    Jim Starko
    Resident Of St Albert

Would You Like To Support Our Campaign?

From donations, volunteering, or placing a yard sign showing support. Help us make common sense common again in St.Albert.
It has been an honor to serve you as a city councillor for the past 7 years. I would like to use the skills, experience and knowledge I have acquired to serve as your Mayor for the next council term.
Cam Mackay For Mayor

Education & Career

My educational background, consisting of a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting and an Advanced Land Use Planning Certificate with Distinction from the University of Alberta, give me a distinct advantage when dealing with the inner workings of municipal governance. My prior employment opportunities have taught me the importance of public service, hard work, ingenuity and common sense. I have worked as a Budget Officer for the Government of Alberta, a Radio Operator for the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, and I operated my own successful full-time local business in St. Albert for 7 years prior to be elected to council. While on council I also worked as a business consultant for a Fortune 500 Corporation

Political Experience

During my time on council, I have consistently worked to ensure that our money is spent wisely and that we remain cognizant that we must always deliver value for money. I have worked to promote a culture of accountability within the city. I have sought to improve the quality of life we all enjoy in St. Albert by searching for common sense solutions to the issues we face. Solutions such as: implementing an internal auditor at the City of St. Albert, the Curbside Large Item Pickup and amending our land use bylaw to allow solar panels as a permitted land use. I have remained focused on searching for cost-effective solutions to issues that affect our city or our citizenry. One such solution was where I was instrumental in having our winter road sand diverted to the Edmonton recycling facility, which saved our taxpayers millions of dollars by not land filling the sand

In addition, I took a firm stand regarding the need to replace the City Manager, and provided the needed leadership to ensure that an excellent City Manager was retained to manage our city. I also challenged the decision to hire a sitting city councillor to a senior management position in charge of Planning and Engineering, and I worked to protect all residents’ charter right to freedom of speech by stopping the continued funding of frivolous lawsuits intended to deter residents from criticizing local government.

My Commitment

I am committed to serve you as Mayor for the next four year to address the issues, large and small, that our community faces. As the campaign progresses, I will release a more detailed platform however, here are some areas I would like to work on in the future:
I will continue to work on instilling a culture of accountability at the city.
I will tirelessly work to reduce our tax burden.
I will endeavor to improve our services by allocating resources to where they are needed most.
I will encourage economic development.

I can see the positive things that are happening due to my influence and I think that for the coming term, I’m the best person for the job and the best person to serve our community,

Cam Mackay
Candidate for Mayor Of St Albert