Mayor Candidacy Annoucement


Pledges to Bring Community, Private Sector and Political Experience,
Common Sense Judgment, and Principle to Office

St. Albert, AB – Tuesday, June 20, 2017 – Cam MacKay of St. Albert, current City Councilor, declared his candidacy for Mayor of St. Albert today.

“I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of St. Albert. During my 2 terms as a city councilor, I have gained an understanding of the complexities of municipal government and how to work together to get things done.

 “Most importantly, the primary role for the mayor should be to be an advocate and a representative for St. Albertans.  There are many issues that will come before us in the next four years. They include transportation issues like roads, an annexation, tax increases, finding efficiencies, large capital project decisions, and governance reforms.

“Second, the mayor should be an essential and active communications link between the people and the city. In my role as a business consultant, city councilor, and community volunteer, I am in touch with both citizens and business owners.  I understand the issues and will continue to advocate for all of us as mayor.

“Third, as mayor, I can be a respected partner with the city manager. I took the lead on council to replace the city manager and improve the management of the city.  I am looking forward to working collaboratively with Mr. Scoble and the highly qualified team he has assembled.

“Fourth, the primary issue before us is to continue to balance fiscal responsibility with sound judgment.  When I first elected last term, I championed to finding efficiencies, cost savings, and greater accountability to the public. When elected this term, I faced criticism for pledging to keep tax increases at below 1.5 percent a year.  Yet, this has been accomplished each year of this term through my hard work and advocacy and that of the rest of council.

“I believe that the foundation of any community should include efficient public services, recreational opportunities, a business friendly environment, and sound ethical leadership from council.  If we want to attract people and business to St. Albert, we must work to improve in these areas.

“I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting people, and tackling challenges with common sense solutions. “

“Come and meet me this coming Saturday between 11am and 1 pm at 59 Sturgeon Road in Red Willow Park and enjoy a free hotdog. I am looking forward to meeting you.  Parking is available just off Sturgeon Road.”

He can be reached by phone at 780-721-8679 or by e-mail at or

About the author

Cam MacKay was born in St. Albert and has lived most of his life in the community. Having lived in the Sturgeon and Braeside neighbourhoods, Cam has grown to truly appreciate the tight, friendly communities of St. Albert. Cam was schooled in St. Albert and believes his educational experiences here prepared him well and helped in his success while attending the University of Alberta. Cam received his Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Accounting. While working towards his Certified Management Accountant’s designation, he was a Budget Officer for the Government of Alberta, where he learned the skills that led him to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream of opening his own business, called Open Spaces Doggie Daycare. He has successfully operated this business in St. Albert’s Campbell Business Park for the past six years. Cam appreciates how important community is and has been involved with many community groups. He thinks that community is what makes St. Albert strong and is honoured to be playing a role in this regard. He is looking forward to his position on St. Albert City Council. Cam is married and has one daughter. Cam's updated bio can be found on his campaign website:

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