50-Point Plan

St. Albert deserves responsible leadership with a clear focus, and deliverables that make sense and improve our city for residents and businesses.

I am offering St. Albert a strong, 50-point plant to improve our city, addressing core needs of business attraction, taxes and fiscal responsibility, building communities, improving safety, and economic development. 

Attract business/better service delivery

  1.  Develop a municipal development plan that fosters economic development and reduces infrastructure costs
  2. Perform a Complete Transit Review to continue to build a better transit system. All residents of St. Albert can benefit from a reliable and affordable transit system
  3. Examine the economics of obtaining smaller buses for local routes and work towards increasing cost recovery
  4. Free bus passes for seniors over 80 and for those that cannot drive due to age
  5. Create a customer service standard and policy that makes customer service training available for all city staff
  6. Develop a planning committee that works in collaboration with the development community and residents, which will advise council
  7. Expand municipal services delivered to condominiums to reduce the effects of double taxation
  8. Implement a new “Open Data Portal” that will allow public access to CBRM databases on transit schedules and stops, zoning boundaries, solid waste collection data, taxation area rates, fire zones, GIS data and any other type of information the city may have that the public could review and analyse
  9. Create an “Art Spaces” project to temporarily transform empty store fronts into public art spaces across St. Albert by making use of the large amount of public art the city has collected which currently sits in storage. Additionally give local artists priority when the city purchases public art.
  10. Improve snow removal standards as well as improve city green space maintenance through improved lawn/park maintenance and expand the partners in parks program.

Fiscal responsibility and transparency 

  1. Live within our means. Target a 1.5% tax rate increase per year for years 2, 3, 4 and a 2.5% for year 1 of my term
  2. Support keeping the Chamber of Commerce independent of City Hall so it can represent local business
  3. Develop a policy where DARP spending is matched to generated tax revenue increases
  4. Use the remaining DARP funds to help balance the capital budget over the next four years to remove the deficit
  5. Cap councillor expense claims at 20k per year
  6. Create an efficiency bonus for staff or residents whereby a cash bonus program is created when cash saving ideas are suggested to council and are successfully implemented
  7. Implement a “Major Capital Items Plebiscite Policy” whereby all items over $40 million in cost or have a 1% or greater tax impact for residential property owners requires a plebiscite vote to measure public sentiment
  8. Include in the “Council Code of Conduct Policy” a clause that precludes members of council from using their position on council to obtain employment for themselves or their family within the City of St. Albert
  9. Include a “Pecuniary Interest Prosecution” clause in the Council Code of Conduct to define a process to enforce pecuniary interest legislation in the MGA
  10. Work with the internal auditor to achieve a 5% budgetary savings from the operating budget
  11. Create internal audit protocols, checks and balances to reduce opportunities for theft and fraud
  12. Restore MSI funding to utilities model to reduce utility rates by at least 10%

Building communities

  1. Reduce Downtown Area Revitalization (DARP) spending by $30 million over the next 4 years and reinvest $10 million of the $30 million saved into a “Residential Area Redevelopment Program” into revitalizing your local neighbourhoods
  2. Set aside some additional money for neighborhood infrastructure projects brought forward by individual neighborhoods & create a committee framework to enable local area improvements and create a local charitable entity to collect donations and issue tax receipts for neighborhood projects
  3. Make parking improvements downtown to attract increased commercial traffic and business downtown
  4. Provide free festival and event management training for volunteers who assist in making our communities strong
  5. Improve our community “Botanic Brand” by expanding summer plants/vegetables and flowers throughout the city
  6. Create more community gardens by making use of existing city reserve land until the land is developed
  7. Protect designated park space from development through land use bylaw amendments
  8. Create Neighborhood community orgs
  9. Support our military through a historical acknowledgement program whereby an increased focus will be placed on military history at the museum and in SAPL during Remembrance Week
  10. Celebrate our Armed Forces/veterans and support our Legion/veteran organizations by providing staff and equipment assistance in organizing and hosting Remembrance Day events
  11. Work to create additional low/no cost community activities for families
  12. Implement many of the recommendations contained in Cuff’s Municipal Inspection Report:
    • Re-examine council meeting times (in council and public)
    • Remove the 5-minute limit for resident presentations, set aside the first hour of council meetings to hear issues from residents
    • Ensure that all paid and non-paid committees are allocated equally to all councillors
  13. Work with Edmonton to expand park space use on boundaries (ie: in TUC areas for example)
  14. In the next 4 years zone 20 acres of the Badger Lands to be park space
    • 10 acres to be a large, fenced in, off-leash dog park
    • 10 acres for public park use
  15. Remove the paint from the half-painted sidewalks on St. Albert trail and Sturgeon Road/Peron Street
  16. Promote increased use of outdoor activities
    • For example, build additional Pickleball courts, and a water spray park in the north end
  17. Review garbage collection:
    • by reducing the blue bag pickup to once every two weeks and revisit the cost benefit analysis of weekly garbage (brown bin) pickup.
    • Have a large bin at the recycle yard available for drywall, plywood and other construction debris
    • Review increasing the large item curbside pickup to twice per year (Fall and Spring)
  18. Enact a contractor’s fee to charge local businesses to use the Villeneuve Road organics yard

Public Safety

  1. Implement a policing committee and empower them to enact community policing priorities
  2. Make reducing traffic congestion on St. Albert Trail and Ray Gibbons Drive a priority
  3. Implement traffic safety and traffic calming recommendations from the Erin Ridge Traffic Committee
  4. Get an agreement in place to address stray or abandoned cats, renew agreement for stray dogs
  5. Develop protocols to protect wildlife in our community and in the Sturgeon River Valley
  6. Reduce the use of photo radar and increase bylaw/RCMP presence in areas where increased safety efforts are important/required

Economic Development

  1. Create a stand alone economic development corporation (like Edmonton) to work collaboratively with NABI and the chamber of commerce to continue to support new business growth and to support local business development.
  2. Study the feasibility of the following economic development initiatives:
    • a zero-waste light industrial park
    • a joint venture with a commercial development corporation whereby small business could purchase and own their own building or condominium instead of leasing space to attract small business entrepreneurs to St. Albert
  3. Attract additional commercial and light industrial development through infrastructure investment and reduced land use restrictions/red tape
  4. Create the #1 commercial corridor in the North for retail traffic on St. Albert Trail