My election statement

It has been an honor to serve you as a city councillor for the past 7 years.

I would like to use the skills, experience and knowledge I have acquired to serve as your Mayor for the next council term.

My educational background, consisting of a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting and an Advanced Land Use Planning Certificate with Distinction from the University of Alberta, give me a distinct advantage when dealing with the inner workings of municipal governance. My prior employment opportunities have taught me the importance of public service, hard work, ingenuity and common sense.  I have worked as a Budget Officer for the Government of Alberta, a Radio Operator for the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, and I operated my own successful full-time local business in St. Albert for 7 years prior to be elected to council. While on council I also worked as a business consultant for a Fortune 500 Corporation.

During my time on council, I have consistently worked to ensure that our money is spent wisely and that we remain cognizant that we must always deliver value for money. I have worked to promote a culture of accountability within the city. I have sought to improve the quality of life we all enjoy in St. Albert by searching for common sense solutions to the issues we face. Solutions such as: implementing an internal auditor at the City of St. Albert, the Curbside Large Item Pickup and amending our land use bylaw to allow solar panels as a permitted land use.  I have remained focused on searching for cost-effective solutions to issues that affect our city or our citizenry.  One such solution was where I was instrumental in having our winter road sand diverted to the Edmonton recycling facility, which saved our taxpayers millions of dollars by not land filling the sand.

In addition, I took a firm stand regarding the need to replace the City Manager, and provided the needed leadership to ensure that an excellent City Manager was retained to manage our city.  I also challenged the decision to hire a sitting city councillor to a senior management position in charge of Planning and Engineering, and I worked to protect all residents’ charter right to freedom of speech by stopping the continued funding of frivolous lawsuits intended to deter residents from criticizing local government.

I am committed to serve you as Mayor for the next four year to address the issues, large and small, that our community faces. As the campaign progresses, I will release a more detailed platform however, here are some areas I would like to work on in the future:

  • I will continue to work on instilling a culture of accountability at the city.
  • I will tirelessly work to reduce our tax burden.
  • I will endeavour to improve our services by allocating resources to where they are needed most.
  • I will encourage economic development.

I am here to represent you –  please feel free to contact me and share your ideas.



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